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Has Joe B ever auditioned for  UFO?

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welcome to the forum......that sounded vaguely familiar so I did a search
and found this
"Article from The Classic Rock Magazine website on Feb 7th:

Joe Bonamassa abducted and Free’d by UFO!
Classic Rock went to see US blues whizz Joe Bonamassa play a small gig to 80 people at the BBC’s Maida Vale studios last night, and was astonished to learn that Mr B. once ‘depped’ (ie stood in for) Michael Schenker at a UFO gig. “Just for one gig,” he joked in front of the invited audience. “I mean, can you imagine me with a Flying V?”

But it was to be a fateful meeting. “After the gig, Pete Way gave me a cassette he’d made of Free. It blew me away from the opening notes. I was writing songs for my first solo album at the time, and it was like I had to stop the car, get out, set fire to the car, and get a new car…” "

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Wow!....never knew that Sista Jane

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Cute quote
" imagine me playing a flying V"

Profectic words indeed


(If only I had 1% of Joe's guitar talent)