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Topic: Hi from New Zealand

Hi all,

First post-itis, I'm obviously a bit of a JB nut like everyone else on here. Coming at you from little old New Zealand, I morphed into a guitar/amp/pedal collector when my success in the music industry never ended up coming to fruition!

I guess I'm a Fender Strat guy by definition; bought my 91 back when I was 19 and I turn 40yrs old next year. It's never really left my side for any length of time, it's a killer guitar and has served me wherever in the world I may have been (it's the black one in my avatar). Still the one I always grab first.

Joe has got me back into the Gibson's, can't afford the real thing right now but a few weeks ago I bought myself one of the Vintage Green/Moore 'lemon drop' guitars and it's beautiful. My Dad's pride and joy is his cherry red 1977 Gibson ES355... so I guess even if I never win the lottery I'll be passed down his treasure at some point.

Looking forward to getting to know some of you, chur chur   JIM.

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Re: Hi from New Zealand

Looks like I have to give you a proper welcome, jimsty...

Good times,
Gooder times
We never always get our share, or..
is it we always never get our share...?  Hopefully neither.

Gooder guitarINN, but I bet the Old Man is betting against you on that Gibson... yikes tongue

Rock ON & Keep The Faith,

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Re: Hi from New Zealand

Cheers Rocket. Hey seeing as you have thousands of posts and probably know what you're doing... any chance you can centralise my avatar? Damn thing's gone askew!

Re: Hi from New Zealand

hey welcome jimsty! i don't know why but i have found that the avatar sometimes only shows up 175 pixels across. so i typically resize them to 175 x 250 if i want it all in view all the time. its weird sometimes for me i see 250 sometimes only 175. i don't use a smart phone but i found out the avatars don't even display on them or some, i dunno but i have fun with them smile
curious how you first heard/heard about Joe. ( and anyone else's story in their intro, don't always ask but always interested thnx )

Re: Hi from New Zealand

Hi jimsty and enjoy the good company. big_smile

Come on the Blades (sorry Idolbone just had to borrow your line)

Re: Hi from New Zealand

Hello jimsty, and welcome.

Play some cards & drink black coffee,
How I’d love to see you smile....
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Re: Hi from New Zealand

Thanks for the replies & welcomes.

So how I got into Joe, well I guess it was always going to happen at some point! My first major influence that remains to this day is Steve Rothery, the guitarist from Marillion. I bought my first album when I was 12 and have been captivated by his playing ever since. From there I got drawn heavily into the blues, initially Hendrix & SRV but then BB, Albert and Freddie opened the doors up further.

I had read about Joe in magazines but never heard any of his stuff so when I came across one of his live albums I bought it. Went back the following weekend and bought everything else he had recorded... I was hooked!

Now I'm just building up my DVD collection, got Red Rocks and the Borderline recently and damn it's great. Inspired me enough to add a Fender tweed to my room of amps, the wife is slowly growing to like it I think.

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Re: Hi from New Zealand

Current gear:

91 Fender Strat
Fender 'California' series Squier Strat
Vintage V6 Icon 'Strat'
Vintage V100 'Lemon Drop'

Marshall 2466 Vintage Modern 100w head
Jet City JCA20HV head
93 Fender Blues DeVille 212

CKK Soul Echo
Dumble-Drive (handbuilt in Germany)
Snouse BlackBox
J. Rockett Audio 'The Dude'
Variable Reverb (Handbuilt in NZ)
Modded Jim Dunlop Crybaby wah
Black Obsidian OD (Handbuilt in NZ)
Xvive Tube Squasher