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Hi.  New Joe fan and new to this site.  Long time blues/SRV/Clapton, etc. fan.  Had some old Bonamassa stuff that I had not listened to in a while.  Saw RAH on WKNO and FELL.IN.MUSIC.LOVE.  Am now totally obsessed.  He is amazing.  Just wanted to say hello.


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Well then I'll say hello back!  And welcome.  smile

Hope you search around here a bit, lots to read, talk about, learn about, all Joe, all the time!


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Hello Diane, and welcome. I cant tell you how many times I've heard someone say it was the RAH show that got them hooked, myself included. Enjoy the great people  here, you're in good company.


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Diane, so good to have you here!  Same thing happened to me.

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Hi and welcome also. Be careful it is an addiction. big_smile

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Hi Diana,
a warm welcome from Heidelberg/Germany region!
Have fun here...
Where are you from/located?

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