Re: 2016 Red Rocks Presale Code

I scored 8 tickets in row 26.  Lower section was still available when I got in, but some of the group going with me didn't want to pay that much for the highest price level.  $108 with fees for the second price level was what everyone agreed to as the max.  I am good with that.  just happy to be seeing Joe at Red Rocks for the 3rd time.  July can't come quickly enough.

Re: 2016 Red Rocks Presale Code

I did get in on the presale, so I'm happy about that, row 21.   I really don't like the presale process for Red Rocks, I choose seats, throw them back in the fishbowl and select again, only to see the exact same seats.  Did some messing around today, checking back in every hour through 5 hours.  Would you believe, I got the same selection of 3 seats in row 21 or row 38 each time?  The website must have assigned me those seats on some sort of a soft lock.  Just keeps getting harder for fans to get the better tickets.  Makes no sense, some would love to have tickets in row 22 pretty far the right, some would prefer middle even if farther back but the AXS website messes with us, and create more traffic but less ticket sales.  I guess.  Bottom line is, I'm just happy to be going.

Jane H. wrote:

thanks for the story Skinnylatte. i recognize your username. i apologize i didn't mean to say it was required to tell your story but in the past they did not always post the codes, only sent by email. so some didn't get the email or were not signed up to begin with. we would have to try to figure out who was a true fan and not just a scalper, true fans we would share the code with etc.
so it was my suggestion to someone with only one or two posts asking for the codes.
I hope you did find the code, its posted in the other thread here and they were sent out by email to those who receive the emails (some sign up but don't get them)
anyway most of us are glad to hear about other fans experiences so thanks

and good luck to suezgol and everyone else
I wish Red Rocks was on my agenda but not really doable for me. if it had been i would have been really stressed about getting a decent seat for sure