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Topic: Joe Bonamassa Affiliate Program

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know (or remind you) about the Bonamassa Affiliate Program.
If someone official with the progam makes a new thread, I will delete this one. Until then I wanted to have something in this section about it, since the outdated topic has been moved. We can bump it back to the top from time to time if needed.

Basically if you sign up to become an affiliate, you get a unique url to Joe's store which you can share. If someone makes Joe merch. purchases through your link, you get commission. In the past there have been great contests also. It has been a great program for me personally. I think it is an excellent way for any of us to use what I refer to as our Bonamaspecialties and share
in the places we visit / hang out. We all have love for the music in common but come form different places and have different specialties. I have found it is a good way to be creative in sharing the word as well.

You can sign up and find out more at the below link in this thread.

My link is in my signature line. If you want an example, click where it says you can buy DTTD etc at the very end of my signature.

( and thanks to all why do buy through my link smile )


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Re: Joe Bonamassa Affiliate Program

Hi Jane, I am fairly new to the Forum and had heard the "affiliate" term and have wondered what it meant.  Nice to finally understand!  Thanks for the education.

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Re: Joe Bonamassa Affiliate Program

Hey all, i just got here... I really wanna know if there is an affiliate program, as i know i can sell these records....... i know alot of people that love what joe does..   Let me in...

Re: Joe Bonamassa Affiliate Program

you can contact me at scrapiron157 on skype, or wait till i get back

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Re: Joe Bonamassa Affiliate Program

hi ScrapIron
I am not sure that the affiliate program is still in effect. i have not heard anything on it for years but it was a wonderful program when it was active. i won a coooool contest because of it, and made some extra $$

If i find anything current i will post here.otherwise I dunno
I will alert the webmaster because the link is active but i don't think the program is