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Topic: Carnegie Hall

This section seems to be becoming an afterthought, but I'll try and keep it alive.

Here are my pics from night 1 at Carnegie Hall.  Point and shoot only in stealth mode so very grainy.  Review is in the other section.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/24057301@ … 3761709136



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Re: Carnegie Hall

Thanks for keeping it alive. Good stuff for stealthing it in in poor light.

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Re: Carnegie Hall

...I love the ones of 'Hot Lips'!!! ... not Joe's! wink

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Re: Carnegie Hall

Yep, great job, as usual, Sandy.  You should revive the venue topic too, and post the pics of Carnegie Hall there!  What an accomplishment for Joe!  So glad you were there to witness it!!  Sounds like you Bonabuds had quite the NYC experience!

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Re: Carnegie Hall

Great pictures. Great job!

Thanks a lot for sharing them