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My wife and I really enjoyed the show in DC.  Well, except for the people who arrived late, the people who came back from intermission late and the people who were constantly getting up during the show.  The last part almost resulted in a fight in the row in front of me.

Anyway, this was my first time being a street team member.  I distributed flyers at music stores, some Starbucks and at the Beth Hart show a month ago at The Birchmere (including leaving some in the men's room).

I hope it helped.  The show wasn't sold out, but was a good crowd.  I don't know if it being part of Thanksgiving weekend helped or hurt.

Anyway, I look forward to the next time Joe comes to the DC area!


Re: Washington DC Show

Hey Brad,

I really appreciate your help! I heard from a lot of people that they thoroughly enjoyed the D.C. show!

Holiday weekends are tricky to predict, they really could go either way. Thanksgiving weekend could've been a good time to provide an early Christmas present for someone, or kick off the holidays with something fun. Or it could've been that people had family in town and it was just a bad time to try and make it to the show. Either way, we are grateful for all of the fans that did show up and its good to hear that a great time was had!

-Street Team Eric

Re: Washington DC Show

Thanks, Eric.  I'l gladly do it again and maybe we can be a part of a meet and greet.