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Re: Pre-Sale Ticket Codes


I am new to this forum and being a street team member. I have signed up as a street team member some time ago. I received an e-mail on March 21 about upcoming presales for (today to be precise) a concert this fall (Groningen, the Netherlands). Presale started this morning 09:00 CET, but I have not received an e-mail with the presale code yet. I did accidentally click on the unsubscribe link after receiving the e-mail about the presale, but I immediately re-subscribed. Is there a way to check if something has gone wrong, or do I just need to be patient? I really want to buy a ticket for this concert smile since I had to miss out on the last one.

Riordan van der Ven


I got the code through Facebook. I just bought my ticket! big_smile

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Re: Pre-Sale Ticket Codes

I have the same problem as Riordan. Got the mail clicked the link and have to put in a code. I don't have a facebook page so I guess no tix, yet...

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Re: Pre-Sale Ticket Codes

good morning I am new to this forum and glad to be on board!! Thanks, I live in Ohio and I saw where Joe will be playing in Cleveland in November. Any word when tickets will go on sale? Have been there before and just love the theatre where he is playing. I also would love to see him come back to Columbus, Ohio and onboard with getting the word out in the small towns of Ohio!! I have gotten more people from this area hooked who have never heard of him before. The word is spreading.  Also a Thanks for the couple of meet n greets that I have been grateful to have attended. Look forward to seeing him again this year

Re: Pre-Sale Ticket Codes

Pre-sale tickets go on sale today @ 10 for the Cleveland show.....does anyone know the promo code?  Please?  Help!  smile