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Topic: Tickets

Hi all... I have only recently "discovered" JB.  Late last year I got to see him at the ACADEMY in Philly.

Then I was unable to get my son to go.  Now he's ready.  Anyway, in the process I acquired two sets of tickets.  Honestly, two meet and greet tickets came up and I couldn't resist.  Problem is now I have two seats that I can't find a home for.  All my friends and family have conflicts.

This is for the show at the Count Basie in Red Bank NJ on May 14th 2012 at 8:00 PM in the Right Balconey Row L, isle seats.    I originally planned to use them for myself and my son.  When the meet and greet offer came along thru NJTV I just melted and went for those.

Well, the rest is history.  Come and get em. 

Any members who read this and want to help out... be my guest.  The real JB fans deserve to be there.


Re: Tickets

Just a security minded thought, and I know you want to arrange a sale quickly, but you might want to edit out your phone numbers.  Anybody can see posts here, not just members.  You can always PM an interested taker with particulars.

Play like you've worked at it, and don't worry about sounding like your influences.  You can't cheat on them, or your practice, anyway.  If you've worked hard at your skill, your audience will know it.

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Thanks JBF