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Topic: Richmond VA Nov. 13 - Free Ticket (Really!)

Hi, I posted this on the General forum but got no responses, so here goes.

I am actually in the Seattle area but have a sister in Virginia for whom I bought 2 nice tix to the 11/13 show at Richmond for her birthday ( yes, I am a wonderful little brother).  She was going to go with a friend but now the friend has bailed out, and so my sis will need to find someone else.

She has not been exposed to Joe and his fabulous music, other than my sending her the RAH DVD along with the tickets, and so I thought it might be worth seeing if someone in the Richmond area (well, she is up near Falls Church area) might be interested in escorting her to the show - someone who knows  Joe and can fill her in on the band, history, music styles, etc.  Sis is in her mid-50s and in real estate after several years in commercial aviation, etc.   Well educated, smart, and no bad personal habits that I know of :-). Ticket is included - FREE-  but beyond that you are on your own.  Tickets are in section "Orch B", Row CC, and looked pretty good on the seating chart.

Anyway, if anyone is interested or knows someone who might be, let me know.  Best is to email me at johnw "at" hellerwiegenstein dot com.

I have tickets to Yakima on 12/11 and Seattle on 12/15, so i am ready to experience it on my end too!


Re: Richmond VA Nov. 13 - Free Ticket (Really!)

Success! My sister found an old friend near Richmond who is eager to see - OK, hear - JB play.   Thanks to Jane back in that neck of the woods for helping in the hunt. 
I have the pleasure of looking forward to 2 JB concerts in one week, coming up mid-December.   Christmas coming a few days early  tongue

Re: Richmond VA Nov. 13 - Free Ticket (Really!)

good, we know we couldn't let it go to waste. thanks for offerin g it here and can't wait to hear about your shows. hopefully your sister's too