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I'm sort of embarrassed for one of our local papers. They indicate in this article that Joe is embarking on his "jazz tour" and refer to BB King as a jazz guitarist. The article refers to Joe in very positive terms, but they got more than a few facts wrong. At least the ECC (Elgin Community College) guy they interviewed got it right. … S1.article

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Re: Joe's new Jazz tour????

Bill, all in all the article 's not that bad. I have to laugh though. Mel Torme to Joe..What a large leap. I bet there are a few people who will be shocked. I also bet there will be a lot of new converts! Can't wait for the forum reviews....Cathy                                                   PS...Moscow?

Re: Joe's new Jazz tour????

I had to laugh after reading that! Obviously this girl does not know the difference between jazz and blues and tried to write an article by combining info from other articles she has read. Somebody should set her straight!

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Re: Joe's new Jazz tour????

The writer must have meant to say Led Zeppelin instead of Def Leppard.
I remember talking to Mark after the Kansas City show earlier this year and he mentioned Moscow as one of the places they would be playing this year.