Topic: Business blog post about the declining music industry (with Joe plug)

Here's a link to a fairly popular business blog talking about the decline in the music industry.  The iTunes model is definitely the wave of the future, it would seem.  The Wall Street Journal just mentioned and linked to the blog so I added a plug for Joe at the bottom as Anonymous.  Don't know if it'll help, but it can't hurt.

"In the face of declining music sales, clinging by their talons to an outdated business model forces the labels and the retailers to focus on only promoting and distributing the potential best-sellers, sidelining artists who might or might not be breakout stars, but the retailers won't risk putting their albums on the shelf. This is a blessing in disguise to my mind, because more and more fantastic artists are able to market themselves online, and hopscotch the traditional distribution model, which of course aggravates the decline of the record companies, but it's hard to feel bad about them." … ustry.html