Topic: How to do it........


This forum heading was added in order to allow newcomers to the Joe Bonamassa Community to introduce themselves, let us know where they are from and what brought them to this website.

Also, it will give "old timers" a chance to welcome them and let them know that we are excited to see them on the Joe Bonamassa Forum.

Since we are just getting this started, it might be nice for some forum regulars to start off the introductions and get the ball rolling.

As usual, please bring your manners with you when you come in.

Welcome! big_smile

Make a new topic for each new introduction. Sorry this got a little jumbled from the beginning, but as duly noted if we don't start a new topic for each new introduction one thread will be tooooooo long very soon.



“A friend is someone that will help you move............a TRUE friend will help you move the bodies." -- anon