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For fans of Arc Angels, ZZ Top, blues inspired rock. I have a recomendation. The Mighty Orq. Phil turned me on to their CD a couple of years ago. I got to see them tonight. Great voice good songs and one hell of a player.  Check them out

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Ill check them out especially if they have some arc angel influence. now theres a project that we all got short changed on because they only did one cd .lets hope they can come back to put out some new music sometime. one of my all time favorites

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Glad you got to see them, Jim.  Being in Houston, I've been fortunate enough to see them many times, and they never disappoint.  Orq has a very soulful voice, tasty guitar licks, and writes some great songs.  Matt Johnson (drums) and Westside Johnny (bass) lay down a heavy, tight foundation for Orq to show his stuff.  They are starting to tour around a bit and I hope they start getting some more recognition.  I think that Joe Bonamassa fans would appreciate this hard working and talented trio.
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