Topic: Mick Taylor Live in Hungary 2001

I just aquired the Mick Taylor live in Hungary a few weeks ago and all I can say WOW! Of course this is my own personal opinion. I never knew Mick could play guitar like that. This cd has been in my cd player allmost 80% of the time the last week. Ive been trying to find more material by Mick but nothing is out there if your store shopping. Ill have to buy on Amazon. Can anyone give me any references? I really prefer live material.
The cd I have has Catfish Blues, Red House, Little Red Rooster and You Shook Me. All four of these jams are arse kickin if you like that style of guitar.


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Re: Mick Taylor Live in Hungary 2001

Glad you like the Mick taylor disc. I thought you would.

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