Topic: If you like Indigenous/doyle bramhall II

Scott McKeon new cd Cant Take NO More alot of influence from Nato Maji and Doyle Bramhall II. Some very tastey guitar playing.Check it out on along with tons of other great bluesrock . My favorite place for kick arse guitar .

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Re: If you like Indigenous/doyle bramhall II

I love that CD. I'd definitely reccomend it. smile Scott is proof that the younger generation still loves blues. He's actually opening for Joe at the Shepherds Bush show in London.

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Re: If you like Indigenous/doyle bramhall II

Yes, Grooveyard rules. I check it out every so often to see what new songs are on there. I noticed a band called Poul Halberg that does a good version of Politician by Cream. But what really caught my attention: they do a version of Had to Cry Today. Unfortunately, it's not playable. Would love to hear that.