Topic: Atomic Reactor 112-18 For Sale.

Hey guys, I have an atomic Reactor 112-18 amp for sale. This amp is for use with modelling devices such as Line 6 POD, Vox Tonelab and Boss GT pedals. I used mine with a PODxt and got some really great results with it. If anyone is interested in buying this amp I'm looking for £275 ono. I live in Scotland and will ship within the UK. May even ship to europe.

Drop me a line if you are interested.

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Re: Atomic Reactor 112-18 For Sale.

Brack wrote:

This made me laugh out loud! There is an amp called, an Atomic Reactor!! To someone who knows nothing about amps.... this, i think is funny!!
~ Brack ~


And it comes equipped with a Flux Capacitor too. smile Problem is, if you hit a Gsus chord, you end up going back in time! wink lol


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