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Topic: Pair of Royal Albert Hall tickets for sale!

Hi all.

I have a pair of tickets available for the sold out Royal Albert Hall gig due to two of our group dropping out at short notice. Shame but there you go. They are floor seats at about half way down (row 15ish).

I originally bought 6 tickets from Amsterhammer back before Christmas so they're from safe source. Hopefully he will vouch for me if you want confirmation of my identity.

I don't want to make a profit from them so I'm offering them at each £35 plus postage, so about £75 for the pair. As it's late in the day I would need either a bank transfer or Paypal so I can ensure they get out to you on time.

If you're interested then please email on deleted as soon as possible so I can get them out to you ASAP! I expect these to go pretty quickly so if you want to go and you're gutted you are going to miss out then email me quick and you can enjoy the show too!


Re: Pair of Royal Albert Hall tickets for sale!

Obviously the show has been and gone so these aren't on offer any more. They actually went almost straight away to some friends so they weren't wasted. Joe has 2 more fans. What a great night!