Topic: New Neil Young Live @ Fillmore East cd/dvd Review

I just bought this POS after reading great reviews and being the Neil Young fan that I am. I was pissed when I learned that the dvd is a video of a reel to reel showing pictures of the 1970 show. Yep, thats all you get. no live footage at all, just still pictures. LOL! If anyone is interested just buy the cd and save yourself about 5 to 8 bucks. The cd I did enjoy. Cd features two great versions of Cowgirl In The Sand and Down By the River. Hope this helps anyone that was planning on buying the set.


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Re: New Neil Young Live @ Fillmore East cd/dvd Review

Hey Rob,
   Funny you should bring this up, my brother  just got the cd yesterday and said he didn't care for it at all. Too folky were his exact words.  I've always been a NY fan but have to be in the mood for that kind of stuff.

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