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Topic: In a continuing effort to raise funds for my RAH trip...

"Tired of waiting for your keyboard player to turn up for rehearsals?  Want to write keyboard parts on your guitar??   want to play virtual Mini-Moogs and pretend you are Rick Wakeman via VST softsynths?"  Now you can by buying my Roland GR-50 guitar synth and MIDI module now on eBay   

All funds for this and the guitars I'm selling will be used exclusively to pay for my RAH trip ....   currently able to get there..but not eat for a few days....

Note  its European voltage 220-240v  so best not for any of you in thge USA and postage would be too expensive..   it needs a Roland GK2 type pickup too  (most guitarists seem to have one now though I've found..)   

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Roland-GR-50-GR50 … 240%3A1318

Thanks in advance!  smile