Re: OFFICIAL Release date "The Ballad of John Henry"

Jane H. wrote:
malki wrote:

Does anyone know if TBOJH will be available on Amie Street? That's the best place for music for distant folks like me so I don't have to hassle with all the add-ons for shipping, duties, etc.  Physical CDs are almost double the cost by the time they get to me. I will give an arm and a leg for this album but I really would prefer not to...

Hello, i am not sure where you are located but if it is somewhere that US Mail gets to , i would be happy to send one your way at my cost. I have some on the way but will be stopping by the store tomorrow if they aren't in my mailbox tonite when i get home.
you can check the postal rates from zip code 21234
just email me if you want to discuss this further i would love to hear about TBOJH from all the corners of the Earth

Thanks Jane, I can use a US mailbox and then courier to get to Trinidad & Tobago but the courier charges are a lot so I'd really prefer to download. I think I'll wait a bit and see. At least I get to hear it on the mailout link in the meantime! It's so good though, my self control is fading fast....

Re: OFFICIAL Release date "The Ballad of John Henry"

Hi there...

haven't posted in quite a while... obviously haven't a lot say... wink

BUT... this I have to say... TBOJohn Henry is one of the greatest CDs I have bought in recent days... it's everywhere around me... on the PC, the car, at work... currently I am listining to it on my stereo-set at home... big_smile
...and one of the very few records nowadays where I have read the entire notes and text in the booklet... which, BTW, is very tastefully made and attractive to look at... my respect and compliments to the Joe for the entire package... and a big THANK YOU... smile 

I had to say this... now I'll shut my mouth and continue to listen to it...:cool:


PIT... smile