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Hi all. Sorry for the delay in this post, just returned from visiting my mother in the South West of England where I also took the opportunity of seeing Joe and the boys at the Phoenix last Friday. Third time I've seen Joe this year, first on this tour and the Phoenix was probably the smallest of the halls, it was, however, packed. From the time Bogie, Mark and finally Joe, (playing from the shadows), walked on stage the audience were onside. There were obviously a large number of existing fans in the hall which gave a great atmosphere from the start.

The boys seemed more relaxed and even more together than the last time I saw them, giving the usual top draw performance culminating in the ZZ Top, Zep finale which was amazing. How does he get those sounds out of that guitar. Tremendous, well deserved applause at the end of the gig with I am sure more fans now having seen the smiles over every face I looked at as we left!

From memory the set was as follows, but I could have this wrong and I could have missed something out but I was busy enjoying myself;

Taking the Hit
Walk in my Shadow
So Many Roads
Mountain Time
Bridge to Better Days
New Day Yesterday
Miss You Hate You        )
Waiting Around For You) Acoustic
Had to Cry Today
Asking Around For You
Just Got Paid / Dazed

Now, if anyone can help me with a copy of this, (or failing that any complete set of the Uk gigs), I would be really pleased to hear from you. I have just got to hear that finale again!!!! - Unfortunately, I cannot download on my old, steam driven computer, waiting to buy a new one!

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Thanks Mick for the post, nice to hear that show was great as usual!  Seems like the setlist has been pretty consistent.

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