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Hi there, this is my first posting although I've been checking the site for the last few weeks. Let me begin by saying that up until a couple of months ago I had no idea who Joe Bonamassa was.This all changed when I read Classic Rock magazine and Joe was featured in the one to watch page.

I liked what I read, bought the new CD, checked him out on Youtube and as he was playing forty minutes up the road I thought I'd check him out, and after watching him live last night I'm hooked. If there is any one out there wondering if they should catch him live while he's still in the UK, please go, you will not regret it one bit.

I had the pleasure of being at the very front and to watch this guy in full flow was truly amazing. The snipits of Starship Trooper and Dazed and Confused was the icing on the cake. I think I also need to mention the superb bass player and drummer in Joe's band and also the support band who rocked.

Joe, you've got yourself a new fan who will be first in line for tickets when you next return to the UK

By the way, I think I heard someone say there was a crowd of about 700

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Hi Paul,

I was also there last night along with my wife Dee and I have got say that it was one of the best gigs i have been to in 25 years.
We were at the front (right hand side) and the atmosphere was electric , the playing was out of this world & the crowd was spellbound hanging on every note.
After the gig we hung around to see if Joe would appear and it was great that he did and great to say hi and thanks for a truly excellent show , I picked up a copy of Blues Deluxe which he kindly signed and was happy to have his photo taken (Dee took one as he signed the cd for me) and she cheekily asked if she could have a pic sat next to him.
I think that  Joe's popularity in the Uk is going to go onto stellar proportions after this tour and i hope that this becomes a reality because he is one of the most gifted guitarists there has ever been.

I agree if you get a chance to see Joe on this tour or in the future make sure you do becuase you will not be dissappointed.



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Couldn't agree more guys!  This was my second time of seeing Joe - I was blown away the first time but this time I was just left speechless and running out of superlatives to describe the experience, which let's say was just simply awesome and well worth the hour's drive from Poole.  We were right at the front of the stage, dancing along to all the songs, and had a perfect view.  The icing on the cake would have been if they'd done The River (my fave) but with a back catalogue like Joe's you can't do everything.   

A mention has to go out to the guys in the band (Mark and Hoagy(?) particularly for an amazing drum solo.  Wish I could travel to Birkenhead to see them again but I guess we'll all have to be patient until the next time.  Roll on 2007.

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Yep, that's right; Hoagy Carmichael.

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thats Bogie Bowles. can't wait to hear this drum solo

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700 people!  Seems like every show is maxed out to capacity.  Maybe some day Joe will be the headliner at the Royal Albert Hall.  That would be a show to see!

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Yeah i think that the Royal Albert Hall could be a possibility in the future if Saturdays performance was anything to go by anyway. But until then i'll be happy wherever he plays.
Unfortunately Joe is not gonna get the main stream exposure he should get in the uk because in the uk mainstream means x-factor or pop idol not real musicians of Joe's outstanding ability , his popularity will increase due to word of mouth (i.e. us shouting his greatness from the rooftops).

ok rant over