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jim m wrote:

In May 2002 after seeing Joe for the first time I ventured to to check his tour schedule and found my way to the then antiquated forum. Joe posted somewhat regularly under the pseudonym Opie. I registered as Andy of Mayberry just to continue the Andy Griffith theme. Joe’s dad even posted back then. When I realized Joe already had a dad and maybe proclaiming myself as the Sherriff of Mayberry I was being a bit pretentious, I re registered as jim m.

The original forum for those of you that remember it was the Wild West and not very user friendly and the only contact with Joe’s management was Joe. During that first year I like many of you became obsessed with my new found discovery that awoke the love of music in me again. I traveled to many nearby states to get to witness the birth of a legend. In those days you even got to help set up and grab a beer at the bar with Roscoe, Kenny, Eric and even Joe. I was surprised that he even knew me by my handle from the forum.

Having already written about the history I have with Joe I’ll keep this to forum history. As Joe’s popularity grew and more people began to post there appeared some strange personalities with some argumentative qualities I will just say. I’m not naming any names, but it just seemed that the old forum was ill equipped to handle the chaos that sometimes ensued. It definitely kept things interesting in hindsight but not without a bit of unnecessary drama. Phil Cornell and I proposed moving to another platform which is the current platform we know today. It had the ability to moderate and with a few simple directions and basic rules we proceeded to try and take control of the mayhem. This was all in April 2006. Nicki Joe’s original Webmaster took on the task and this forum was born.

It is now March 2016 just a few weeks shy of ten years since the inception of the new forum. Over those ten years I have checked in at the very least twice a day and sometimes many more  depending on what potential problems might surface. Occasionally when out of town I might miss a day or two but always had access but would try to keep up with things since the volume of post could be overwhelming if they accumulated for a few days. Even though there were not as many members they seemed overall more active.

Things have changed as of late one being the office admin has really upgraded the platform to control the spam bots. Something we had hoped for because the last few years that is really the only thing I needed to take care of day to day. The forum community really made the talk of keeping things civil easy. There has been the occasional dustup but none in recent memory. One other change has been removing me as moderator. Which was a bit of a surprise simply because of no explanation, but after sleeping on it I realized it was for the best. It is time for me to just be a contributor and fan. As Joe’s growth has continued exponentially it is time for the office to have control over the content without my interpretation of policy which I’m sure isn’t always in line with management. Joe has an army of office personnel and a Social Marketing department and I have always said this was Joe’s original Social Marketing tool. 

I just ask that the presence and contribution of Joe’s team which has always been desired here truly is committed to guiding this forum and take an active role here. Get to know the people, understand their needs and make decisions on the direction this platform takes. It has always been a resource and a history of the evolution of Joe’s career. I’m just going to return to my role as a participant and provide content and discussion that might be interesting and keeping people informed when necessary and provide opinion and answer any questions my experience might allow me share. I’m no longer moderator but I’m still jim m.

Hi Jim
Thanks for sharing your story and all the love and time you put into the forum. I haven't had a chance to meet you but maybe further down the road. It would be great to connect the face with "Jim m" of the forum.
Cheers Ron

"Joe B saved my soul, forever grateful Ron"
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10yrs yeah?, I feel like Bonavirgin at only 5yrs,
I actually knew about Joe's music in 2006, but... that story later...

Just wish this forum would allow pictures not just the links, but at least J&R do not charge an Access fee like some artists do.

Maybe as with Ron's our paths will cross

Congratulations on 10yrs


(If only I had 1% of Joe's guitar talent)

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Wow Jim. 10 years! Time sure has flown by. I got on the board a year later and have had the pleasure of meeting you and a whole bunch of other forum members face to face in this great family of fans.  I hope this old board is still plugging along ten years from now as well.
Thousands of thanks for all you do and have done.

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Jane H. wrote:

Jim, thank you a mazillionamassa for everything you have done to keep this place going the best possible. I really appreciate all the VOLUNTEER time you have put into moderating here. You were perfect for the task and I have learned much from you. I appreciate how you looked out for all of us but most especially how you always had Joe's best intersts in mind and looked out for him here, along with the rest of us fans.
not to mention you know how to explain things so well, i have learned much about communication from you too.
I certainly hope that the current mods (whoever JBWM is????) will do half the job you did.
Can't put all my thoughts together right now but THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  + 1 Jim!  My thanks added!  always enjoyed your sense of reason on here.  Hope to meet you in person soon!

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sally12333 wrote:
Jane H. wrote:

Jim, thank you a mazillionamassa for everything you have done to keep this place going the best possible. ...

  + 1 Jim!  My thanks added!  always enjoyed your sense of reason on here.  Hope to meet you in person soon!

Want to "add a 1" to that as well Jim ... I've only been here a short bit ... but soon recognized and appreciated your manner in making this a great Forum to be a part of ... along with sharing many great stories and insights with us all!

"I was in Space for less than 2 weeks … and suddenly Jeaniene’s back … half the Band is off the gd wagon … we have comedians opening for us … and the nice kid that ran our website is now a kleptof’nmaniac.  Boy ... did you guys miss me!!"  Phil Valentine - Road Manager - Staton House Band

JBLP#251 (unaged) ... thank you Ron.

Re: Jim Moody aka jim m

Thanks for all of your contributions, Jim, and especially for the kindnesses you have shown me over the years since I joined. I'll second what many others have said, in hoping to finally get to shake your hand one day...

Terrance Shuman
Kansas City, MO

Re: Jim Moody aka jim m

- well done on everything that you have done for the JB community Jim. Enjoy retirement. wink

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Well done Jim! I found the old forum in early 2005.
I'm hindsight and compared to today's forum, that was the Wild West and you were definitely the Sheriff.
Thanks for riding herd all these years!

Bill S

"Rock ON & Keep the Faith"

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Hey Jim,

I think I started on this forum about the time you started moderating...Thanks for all that you have contributed over the years...You will be missed...But I look forward to seeing your ongoing contributions as a participant...It was great finally meeting you several years ago at a show in OKC...It still amazes me that Joe still remembers me as The Other Joe B. when I see him to this day at a meet and greets...Hope that our paths can cross again my friend...

The Other Joe B.

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Your efforts and dedication are appreciated, Jim. One of the things I've always liked about this forum is that it was not moderated by "corporate." Made it feel more like family to me. I look forward to your continued posts and great stories!


Re: Jim Moody aka jim m

A great mod, a source of great knowledge of the earlier Joe and a general understanding of our family. Thanks for all your efforts. big_smile

Come on the Blades (sorry Idolbone just had to borrow your line)

Re: Jim Moody aka jim m

Thanks for helping to make this a very enjoyable message board to come to everyday.

Re: Jim Moody aka jim m

Great description Bill of the old forum and Jim's role, although somedays he might of let like a kindergarten teacher! big_smile

THANKS for all your efforts Jim and enjoy your new found time. smile

Bill S wrote:

Well done Jim! I found the old forum in early 2005.
I'm hindsight and compared to today's forum, that was the Wild West and you were definitely the Sheriff.
Thanks for riding herd all these years!

Bill S

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cathysiler wrote:

Hi Jim...I'm a Joeaholic.     Cathy

Me Too, JZ