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Does any one have the old post regarding Joes DSL settings? I remember reading it once but I cant find it now.

I have a DSL 50 with 1960b cab. I want to get that fat overdrive sound but I cant. I have a strat, LP, tele, ts-9 modded, rotovibe, ge-7, dunlop wah, danelectro delay, and boss chorus.

The strat is without pickups at the moment cause I didnt care for the texas specials i had in it. I was thinking about the SCN noiseless fenders cause i heard good things. But its amazing how JB can make lace sensor pickups sound incredible so Im thinking those too. Or finally the 57/62s.

ahhhhhhhh i cant decide!

I just want fat thick screaming tone!!

Re: Marshall DSL settings

If I remember correctly... I think the bass was up almost all the way... the treble was on 5 maybe, with the mids a little higher that that (like at 6-7)?
I'm not really sure if I'm remembering that correctly, but thats what I think he said.

Hope that helps,

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Re: Marshall DSL settings

thanks! I do remember it say he thought the DSLs where very bright amps so he kept the treble down.

Did it say what kind of speakers he uses? Vintage 30s??

Re: Marshall DSL settings

I think Scott's all over it, especially the mid settings. Joe doesn't scoop the mids like some because he wants the definition that mids bring. (Of course you really have to play well because it's like standing naked under a fluorescent light.) I think Joe uses Lindy Fralins in his Strats, though I don't remember which models. Another factor would be the clean boost he uses for solos, particularly with the Strats. It just fattens up the thinner nature of single coils as well as giving you a little gain edge to get solos up over the band. I think he uses a Carl Martin Hot Drive 'N Boost.


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Re: Marshall DSL settings

Anyone know which Fralins he is using? I was checking out the VanZandt Blues & Rock. If anyone has a pic of JB playing the DSL I would love to know which channel he uses mostly for drive.