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Welcome to the forum for Joe Bonamassa's official website. This
community is a place where fans (new and old) can congregate and discuss
all things that are Joe Bonamassa related. Just like any place, when you
are a guest here we ask that you mind your manners and help make this an
enjoyable place for all to share their thoughts and experiences relating
to Joe.


Posting Guidelines -

1.    Watch your language. This is an all ages forum. This forum has
internal software designed to eliminate certain possibly offensive words
automatically. We ask that you refrain from using derogatory language in
case the software doesn't catch it and something would be posted that
not proper for younger fans to be exposed to.

2.    Stay on topic. Please post under the category that corresponds
to your topic.  Is the post adding something to the discussion at hand for that particular topic.
Is it relevant to the stated topic.

3.    Neighborhood watch. Due to the size and traffic on this forum it
is impossible for a limited number of moderators to keep things going in
the right direction. We ask that the community help keep this forum
great by abiding by these guidelines and by reporting any offensive
posts or posts that you think are out of bounds. This can be done
anonymous to the original poster by clicking on the "report" link at the
bottom right of any post. There you will have an opportunity to state
why you think the post was a problem. This will only be seen by the

4.    Working email address needed to register. In your profile you
have the opportunity to list your email address.
You must be activated in order to post.We assure
you that your email address will not be shared or used for commercial
purposes without your consent, and you can supply it but keep it hidden,
if you choose to. This would keep it hidden from other board members but
accessible to the moderators and administrators of this forum.

5. Please SEARCH before posting. There are thousands of contributors to the JB forum. Please search for a recent topic related to your impending post. If found then add your thoughts or information to the relevant thread that already exists. This will help eliminate dozens of duplicate threads on the same subject, and is a courtesy to other visitors.

6.  Other Artists Section The "other artists" section is a place designated to allow discussion of artists that are not JB. That way if someone that visits this forum has no interest in any other artist, they can just stay out of that area. It should be confined to a discussion of those artists and not just blatant and ongoing promotion. The other artists website and forum should be used for that purpose. If you write a review of their show -- post it on their site and then link to it from the JB forum if you prefer. Something as simple as "I've reviewed Band XYZ and posted it on their forum. Click this link to see what I thought."

7. Excessive and/or unnecessary posting. With the many visitors and contributors to this forum (and growing daily) it is necessary to try and limit the forum "static". This makes the forum much more readable. Please limit the unnecessary posting. Conversational exchanges should move off site.

Some of these guidelines are completely subjective. The MODERATORS will make final determinations as to what is acceptable and what is not.

Other guidelines will be added as necessary. Also look for a frequently asked
questions (FAQ) post to answer some of the questions that come up on a regular basis.

We hope your time interacting here will be an enjoyable one.
Thank you for visiting and contributing.

----The Moderators

How to receive emails about Joe's upcoming shows

One of the most common questions I get is:

"I have been a member of newsletter/fan club/street team since Joe was 2. Why did I not receive an e-mail with information about Joe playing in the venue across the street from my house that I walk past every day." (obviously exaggerating a bit I'm on here at 11PM on no sleep, it happens)

Well there may be some reasons for that, these trouble shooting questions will make it a little easier:

-When's the last time you actually used the e-mail you signed up with?
-do you have multiple e-mail accounts?
-did you check all of those e-mail accounts?
-Have You checked your junk mail folder?
-did you sign up with a fake e-mail address?
-Maybe you unsubscribed and thought magically you were still on our e-mail list?

Going through this trouble shooting list will make it a little faster for you to get the desired result.

How do you properly sign up for the newsletter and receive e-mail notification of upcoming shows and other super wicked cool Bonamassa stuff?

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: look for the button that says subscribe or newsletter (we constantly update it to keep it fresh/hip/frustrating)
Step 3: fill in all your information Name, e-mail, country, state with the CORRECT information.
             If you live in different parts of the country please put the part that is most convenient for you to find out about shows.

The geographical information is not for us to spy on you. It is how we know that Joe is coming close to your city and we can let you know about it. In other words, if you don't tell us where you live then there is no way for me to know Joe is going to be playing near you.

Just set it and FORGET IT!

Hope this clears up some stuff.

Please send any feedback, concerns or suggestions to

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