Topic: Official Word on the JB Live Pre-release Affiliate Program!

Hello, everyone.  Some of the street team members got the first test blast of the Pre-release Affiliate Program email-- many thanks for your immediately enthusiastic responses and many thanks also for the patience of those who are awaiting the second, and final, version of the mailing. 

This is a super cool promotional program for three reasons:

1.  Word about Joe's music can be spread far & wide
2.  A little profit is possible for those who spread the word
3.  The chance to win a signed Joe Bonamassa-inspired Les Paul is also possible for those who spread the word!

As you may have seen in the email or will see in the next email, it's very simple to become part of this program:

1.  Sign up to receive the link that you'll send by email to as many people as you can
2.  For every CD that someone buys by clicking on your link you'll earn $2 (everyone's link is unique)
3.  The person with the most CDs bought through their link by Sept. 30 will win the JB Les Paul!

I know that there has been some confusion about both this program and the Amazon pre-ordering, and Joe's management apologizes for that confusion.  Regarding Amazon, they have had a systems change that now prevents them from offering content streaming on pre-ordered CDs; Joe's management was not made aware of this change until after the suggestion to pre-order was made the June Newsletter--for which, again, they sincerely apologize. 

This pre-release affiliate program will enable you, family, friends, and any other contact that orders through your link to get Live from Nowhere in Particular will get it with free shipping & handling, too.

If you have other questions that this post does not answer, please feel free to email and I will get an answer from management for you.

Thanks so much, everyone, for your support of Joe in this and in every other way that you work on his behalf!  We appreciate it.

Melissa Durse
Street Team Director

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Re: Official Word on the JB Live Pre-release Affiliate Program!

I am really excited about this promotion. Just thinking about all the possible ways to get others involved that I know. Getting the banner add placed on other websites besides my own.

I have never heard of this type of thing before but to me it is cutting edge and using the internet in a way that fully takes advantage of all its potential.

Oh by the way. Would you all cry foul if I won the guitar? I hope that isn't a problem and somebody works it harder than I do. I'm pulling for a couple of you out there.

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I would just like to let everyone know that the Joe Bonamassa Affiliates links are on the front page of Joe’s official website.

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Click on the link to preview newly added tracks. … epage.html


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Re: Official Word on the JB Live Pre-release Affiliate Program!

Just wanted to post that i reread this thread today and see its pretty outdated to say the least....
The info in the first post is for an old contest and some of it is no longer valid.
partiuclalrly the commission is 14% if i am not mistaken not a flat $2 and there is not a contest currently that i know of. The minimum for payout is $2.

If we can get this thread deleted or unstuck i will contact the person in charge of affiliates and ask them to make a thread with current info. or can do so myself - trying to prevent potential confusion etc.

Here is the current afiliate page link i can happily repost that if this thread gets deleted......

Its a great program and has been very very good to me so i recommend it!

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Good move to update these details, Jane! I see no good reason why this historic post should be deleted. However, considering that it is totally out of date, I'll move it to the basement where it can gather dust forever. wink

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Re: Official Word on the JB Live Pre-release Affiliate Program!

Thanks! i will contact the affilates contact and ask them to make a current post or will do so if they don't