Topic: -SONORA CALI 8-12

GREAT SHOW,the band was tight and burned right through their set. JOE was only fourth on the bill,and they played during the hottest part of the day. Im sure he made a ton of new fans because the crowd was pretty close to 2,000. ANYWAY after joes set,WALTER TROUT played,it was down hill for the rest of the show,for us at least,i mean after JB plays,who really wants to follow him?? there are alot of great players out there,right now but they dont quite measure up.  The highlight of this day was capped off by meeting,and chatting with none other than LEN BONAMASSA,his dad what a great guy,he actually came and sat with us,so he could check on how joe sounded fro 25 feet away.All i know is joe is happy right now thats all that matters, as far as a set list,dont remember,couple too many FAT TIRES    P.


Hey Ron,

     I was with Joe and Co. Fri. night and they told me they had to flip positions w/ Walter to gain a few more hrs. of travel time. They had to get from Sonora to 3 Forks, Montana for an 8 o'clock show Sun. night, which they pulled off. I met Len in Santa Cruz too, very nice guy & one proud poppa. Welcome aboard, by the way, have you told anybody about Joe Bonamassa today?????????

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