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been on the new site a few times ."i"m in the race to HAHha
  I'm getting the site a little bit more. Not quit the computer person.
   I do like the pictures on the side tell me how and where to get
              Joe how is doug (soundman)   maxi

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Hi Maxi, you have to go to Profile and select "personality" and load an avatar. It is not very big, 60x60 pixels under 10K in size. If you have a picture of Joe or something you can crop it down to get to the correct size.
Hope this helps...

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Re: confused in illinois

If you're not very good with computer images, its also very easy to go to and hit "images." Then type in a search word for the tyoe of picture you want as your Avatar. (for example, I typed "SG guitar" to find mine)

THEN, select "small images only" from the pull-down bar at the top, and it will show only the smallest images. Select one that is less than 60x60 pixels, and you can use it as your avatar.

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Sporting my new Avatar of a recent photo I took at the Dallas Guitar show of the infamous Peter Green 59 Les Paul. Owned by Gary Moore for the last 30 something years. I shrunk the photo down on MGI Photsuite. It was really pretty easy. Any photo program can do the same. Went to the display area of Profile and uploaded it.

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Joe the guy says it is not for sale. Everything has it's price. Hope you can own it someday.

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you can also get a free membership at places like
you can upload pics there and then size them down smaller, you can check the size by right clicking your mouse and scroll to properties, keep doing it till you get small enough then photobucket gives you a url or then you can save to your computer