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https://twitter.com/JBONAMASSA/status/9 … 9822159872

non-itunes version https://www.acast.com/musicandme/-3joebonamassaode

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Here's a good podcast interview https://www.acast.com/musicandme/-3joebonamassaode


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Jane H. wrote:

Here's a good podcast interview https://www.acast.com/musicandme/-3joebonamassaode

Thanks for a great interview!!

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ah thanks to reo though...i swear i didnt see it posted when I did but now i see she already posted...saw it on Joe's instagram...i wonder what the secret formula to scoring a Joe interview is...not for me but I know folks trying and its not so easy....anyway def will check out her other ones...only see 2 more right now?

and Joe 50 years in...I got a little worried but its 22 more years so that will satisfy me i think big_smile


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September 2010 interview about BCC I
http://www.allmanbrothersband.com/modul … tid=143193


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Joe Bonamassa Talks 'British Blues Explosion Live

https://www.guitarworld.com/artists/joe … jimmy-page


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Fascinating article about Joe and Roy and their story (2011)

https://www.loudersound.com/features/jo … lletpoints

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07/17/2018 at 95.5 KLOS

https://www.instagram.com/p/BlWL4jeneon … ebonamassa

https://www.facebook.com/955KLOS/videos … 902661304/ - he said he stopped collecting guitars... ( but also not to believe everything they say on the internet smile )

https://www.facebook.com/955KLOS/videos … 981291304/

https://www.facebook.com/955KLOS/videos … 014121304/


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A 3:30 min news spot from KTLA Ch 5 (CW-affiliate) ahead of The Greek 8/1/18 show ... filmed inside Nerdville West ...

KTLA got a tour of Joe Bonamassa's Guitar collection
https://youtu.be/gjQxYXUNqy4 (KTLA 5 - 7/27/18)

"I was in Space for less than 2 weeks … and suddenly Jeaniene’s back … half the Band is off the gd wagon … we have comedians opening for us … and the nice kid that ran our website is now a kleptof’nmaniac.  Boy ... did you guys miss me!!"  Phil Valentine - Road Manager - Staton House Band

JBLP#251 (unaged) ... thank you Ron.


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Guitar Magazine Interview ( have no idea what Joe is talking about in some paragraphs but love the pictures )

https://www.theguitarmagazine.com/inter … bonamassa/

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Good honest interview and interesting especially in the sound point of view. I must admit I did think Redemption was a far more bassy album compared to previous albums. big_smile

Come on the Blades (sorry Idolbone just had to borrow your line)


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Interview in Guitar Player magazine

https://www.guitarplayer.com/players/th … u-free-nov

" - The concept of redemption comes up several times on the new album. It’s there in the title track, obviously, but it’s also on other songs, like “Stronger Now in Broken Places.” How did that theme develop?

Well, here’s the thing: I’ve been performing since I was 11, so I’m 30 years into my career now. And the thing about doing this for so long is that you become habitual in your lifestyle. So what I started to realize is there’s more to life than guitar collecting, playing gigs and sitting at the bar after the show. I needed to break some cycles, so I slowed down the guitar collecting. I stopped drinking. I’m trying to stop Diet Coke and carbohydrates, but that’s ultimately the hardest. [laughs]

But it becomes a thing where you start wondering, are there any redeeming qualities to who you’ve become, not what you’ve become? Because what I am is the guy in the suit who plays the Les Paul guitar onstage. That’s how I’m defined. And that’s cool. But ultimately what I needed to figure out is, Am I happy with who I am? And that’s the concept of the record.

But to be honest with you, I didn’t realize the whole concept of redemption was even on the table when we started. It wasn’t until [producer] Kevin Shirley brought it up. He said, “Redemption comes up a lot on this record. We should just call the album Redemption.” And I said, “Okay.” Because that’s the subconscious telling you what the conscious doesn’t realize."

- " And people say to me, “You really shouldn’t mix metaphors. You shouldn’t put something that’s Americana on a record with a straight blues song.” And at first I’m like, Oh, **##. Maybe I shouldn’t. But then I do it, and guess what? The sun rises and the world doesn’t come to an end. It doesn’t matter."


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There is an interview in the latest Classic Rock Magazine which takes place in the early hours on the tour bus between Holland and Belgium this last June.

Very self revealing.


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Interview to Blues Matters magazine  https://jbonamassa.com/features/2018/bl … nterviews/

- 'Self Inflicted Wounds' – sounds like your most eerie song since maybe 'Dust Bowl'. I think it's the best vocal on the record. I love the space in this track, no filling space for the sake of it.

We were down in Havana. It was just one of those songs...y'know, I think everyone in their life has a moment when they have to ponder their role, their actions in their fate. I wanted to just address that concept. '

Wow... Joe wrote this song in Havana... "After"... https://www.instagram.com/p/BV8HqYrnLcO … ebonamassa

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Re: Joe's Interviews


https://www.nottinghampost.com/whats-on … na-2089929

'  - Are you already thinking about album number fourteen?

  - Yes I am. We are going to record it all next year at Abbey Road Studios. "

  ( ... had a dream last night that Joe is going to win Grammy for album #14.... just going to leave it here )

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As noted in this thread in General https://forum.jbonamassa.com/viewtopic.php?id=29344 Joe is the featured guest on the latest episode of GuitarWank - it's an hour-long conversation.


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FYI Joe's interview with GuitarWank spans 3 episodes, each about an hour long, and they're all up now:


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https://www.stltoday.com/entertainment/ … bcdd8.html