Topic: Joe and Auralex Subdude's

I just saw a picture someone else took of Joe's stage setup from a week ago and he had Auralex Subdudes under his amps. Way to go Joe, it's really the best audio tweak $50 will buy you. I use them in my Home Theater under my Paradigm Servo 15 sub's. It's a big product in the Home Theater world.  I liked the results so much, I started using one under my amps when I gig, record and at home. Every time I use one, people always ask "what the hell is that" when they feel and hear the difference between the amp on the floor and on the Subdude they want one.

Re: Joe and Auralex Subdude's

If you look closely at the box that the Auralex product comes in, you'll see a picture and quote from our very own Joe B..........wearing a jacket over his Charley's Guitar t-shirt.

He likes Auralex and they like him!


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Re: Joe and Auralex Subdude's

When did they start doing that, I have one of the Boxes still and there's no picture of Joe on it.