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Hey Everybody,
                Id like to wish everyone a happy and safe New Year.  2007 was a great year for us and I d like to personally thank everyone for being apart of it.  I am very excited about 2008 with trips to India and Bahrain and our European tour this winter.  We are mixing the live album starting in 8 days and preparing to record our follow up to Sloe Gin in May.  I may even try to get a Christmas/ Holiday album in this year.  I had so much fun recording it and the tens of thousands of responses to "Merry Christmas Baby" confirms to me that people really liked it.  So its going to be a busy year, Im turning 31 in 5 months.. Good god its flying by so fast. HA!!!
Your the best fans anybody could ask for cause you're also all my friends..
Joe Bonamassa

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Hey Joe,
    It's always so great to hear from you.  Yes, the year flew by didn't it!!!!  Time flies by when you're having fun.  We are also very excited for you and the band on all your "not once, not twice, not thrice, but_______________ (what will the word be this time?)  world whirlwind tour!!!!!
    Joe, you are the best ? and I just luv being a fan and friend.  Merry Christmas Baby was awesome and it was great fun to share with the rest of the world!!!!!!!   It seems like we just celebrated your 30th.....time does go by really fast........hang on.......
    I hope you have a fabulous New Year.  You deserve the very best in life.  Can't wait until the tour is rolling and rolling our way.  I get excited just thinking about it.  There's nothing like a "Joe-show."   
    Well,  Joe Bonamassa, I just luv ya to pieces!!!

                                         pattyluvsjoe smile

P.S.  And you are my main man on that Christmas album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES YES YES

"I'm not nice to any guitar!"      lol
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Touch my heart! We're fans because of who you are. 31? You're just getting started. I can't wait for all the "goodies". Thank you and I know it will be your best year yet. Go get'em boss....... Cathy

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Right back at ya.Happy new years to all. Really looking forward to the live and new material.
If you say we are the worlds best fans in the world its because of you, the way you treat us.Its more than just the music,it is every thing you do from the blues in the schools program to the meet and greets you do with the fans ,signing autographs,allowing your shows to be taped,posting on the forum. I am probably missing things.So I say everybody lets give a new years toast to Joe .

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Happy New Year Joe and everyone on the forum, best wishes for health, happiness, peace, and many shows. I hope to meet some of you in 2008! smile



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Joe, a holiday CD would be a HUGE hit next holiday season.  "Merry Christmas Baby" was incredible.  Can't wait for another tour, live CD's, and all the other goodies that you all seem to have up your sleeves.  Starting another studio album...that's great news!  All my best JB and fam.

Mike M.

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Happy New Year Joe!  Some really good times in '07, can't wait to see what the new year brings.
Hugs and Kisses from Cleveland.

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Not only do you touch are hearts with your songs, but to have you on the forum,to meet you at the BEST DAM SHOWS ON THIS EARTH, ALL I CAN SAY IS     YOU  ARE  THE  MAN!!!!!


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You're going to Bahrain?! Very interesting! Happy New Year everyone!

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Happy New Year Joe. 
Sounds like a busy year ahead for you.  Live album, follow up to Sloe Gin, then a Christmas Album.  That is great news for us.  Sure hope you make your way back here to Central Florida, but if not, we'll make our way to you somewhere. 
Thanks for all the great music you make for us.  Life wouldn't be the same without it.

2008 - Bring it on!!!

Your fan and your friend,

Susan cool

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Happy New Year Joe ,Band , Forum frinds ,and famelies Have a save , and most important health 2008

Geko wink

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Happy New Years to you my friend!!! 2007 was your best year yet, but the skies the limit in 2008. Looking forward to all the new year has in store. Hope to catch up in San Juan Cap. in Jan. See ya soon.

                                                                                        Lookin' Gr8t In '08,

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A Happy New Year to Joe and band, forum friends, and especially to all of you who have felt pain and loss this last year.

Peace and love, my brethren.

RIP Iron Man

Rock On and keep the Faith

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Thanks for the classy post Joe, best to you, the family, band and crew! Thanks for making 2007, the highlight year for giggin in my life yet ( I know those words dont flow, oh well)

Happy New Year......Dave

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Happy New Year to all forum members and guests, and to Joe for making this place possible for the fans to keep in touch with not only other members but with you too.

It was a good year. Over 1,000 new members registered. Thanks to all that contribute and make this site interesting and informative.

We are looking forward to another exciting year following Joe and the band to see what the future holds as the momentum keeps building.

Again Happy New Year to all.

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Thanks for everything, Joe.  With your musical talents I'd be a fan no matter what, but it's extra special to be the fan of such a great guy.  And I am honored that you consider me your friend.  The feeling is mutual.  Looking forward to another great year.  Best wishes to all.

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Happy New Year, everybody!

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Thanks Joe, happy new year to you and everyone else!
Sounds like it's gonna be a good one with (possibly) multiple JB records coming up!
I'm looking forward to see the show in Den Haag in march this year smile

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