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Re: Music Listening Options

The subject of box sets came up recently and yesterday I found myself ordering one.  Don't Tell a Soul was The Replacements 6th album in 1989.  I have a number of their albums and they're quite different from DTaS which is the most commercial.  Therein lies the story of this great album.

The album was produced by three different producers.  The first project was abandoned after two or three weeks at Bearsville Studio in New York.  The reins were then handed to a relatively unknown person named Matt Wallace.  He produced, engineered and was wet nurse to the volatile Mats.  The result was the band's masterpiece, however Warner and Sire records decided to make the songs more polished and radio friendly for the final release.  This didn't go well with the band nor the critics who put the album dead last as their worst album lists.  I didn't quite agree with this assumption, but after listening to all the original stuff I see where the distaste came from.
The original Wallace tapes sat in the Replacements guitarist's basement 30 years before the album saw the light of day and was re-named Dead Man's Pop. This album is clearly a desert island must have and I strongly urge giving this stuff a listen.


https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=pTAS- … fHuMp7tJdh