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Here is an artist that I think is  an uber talented blues rocker. Just a great vocalist and real good songwriting
Dyer Davis
Looks like he just released a bunch  of singles rather than an actual album. Or at least thats is how it is formatting in streaming
  I am really impressed and would have made my list but dint really have an album from what I can tell

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Re: Dyer Davis

Dyer Davis is pretty darn talented and should be checked out by our fellow members.  So good i picked up his Dog Bites Back album.  It's refreshing to hear new interpretations of the blues.  Not a flashy guitarist, but the songs are darn good and a great singer to boot.
Thanks Gary for the shout!  Glad to hear Americans who can still play the music I love.

Re: Dyer Davis

Like what I've been hearing on Youtube; see also that he works with Victor Wainwright who's work I enjoy. (I think they're on the same label?) Only reason I'm not buying the album is that the postage costs more than the CD (sign of the times), but I think Dyer would do good business if he came over here; I've dropped a hint to a couple of local promoters...

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