Topic: The One that Got Away

Hi everyone,

I was listening to Joe's Live From Nerdville podcast, and he asked Eric Johnson what was the one guitar that he really wanted and someone got out from under him.

I was curious what everyone else's was.  What was that one guitar that you wish you could have gotten and missed the opportunity on?

Mine was a Gibson Tal Farlow that I had the opportunity to buy when I was a college student in the mid-90s.  I was studying jazz guitar and my only electric was an SRV strat (not shabby for a college student, but also not ideal for jazz).  I went into a small guitar shop seeking to get a hollowbody of some sort.  The only two they had were the Tal Farlow and a 1966 Guild Starfire IV.  I was turned off by the fake scroll on the Tal Farlow and thought the Starfire would be a little more versatile for me.  I bought the Starfire and kept it for about 10 more years before I traded it for an Eastman 805.  Ever since then, the Tal Farlow has been at the top of my wish list.

I'm interested to hear everyone else's One that Got Away!