Topic: Benjamin Amos

For the last [planned] gig of the year, a slight change in style and a new-to-me venue here in Newcastle.

The venue, Bobiks, an upstairs room in The Punch Bowl on Jesmond Road; not the biggest space, holds about 60 seated and an odd tapering shape which overall is taller than it's wide. Ah well, they can't all be City Hall.

So who and what? It was a singer/songwriter matinee show with a couple of local artists, Philip Jonathan and the one I particularly wanted to catch, Benjamin Amos. two relatively chilled sets (not referencing the heating in the place, more coming down from the previous evening at The Cluny). Philip played a more acoustic set, backed by a bassist but showed skill on the violin that interested the ears.

As said though, Benjamin was my main attraction and was a little surprised to see he had 4-piece band backing (guitar/keys; drums. bass & violin) so straight away there was a "celtic" [or bluegrass, depending on your stance] vibe. The set was mainly Ben's latest album, Letters (which I recommend) and was good to hear a "bedroom project" in full band form; songs like Never Far from Home; Maelstrom; Hawthorne Dene as well as Silent Night from Ben's previous Christmas release.
Nice touch at the end when ben called Philip back to the stage for a dual fiddle jam with the band's player John.

Something different and well worth crossing the road for; would certainly be keeping a watch on Benjamin and wouldn't walk past a venue where Philip is playing either.

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