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Hey all, Scott from Joe's team here.

I specifically try to stay out of the forums to leave this space for the fans, but we here at JBHQ need your help.

The number of celebrity imposters on social media is at an all time high, and Joe is being hit especially hard. I kill about 20 fake Joe accounts a day, but they're getting worse and fans are being swindled out of tens of thousands of dollars by scammers.

I'm hoping that if anyone here is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc, and you see fake Joe accounts, you can help us by reporting the account as fake. The more people report the account, the quicker it gets removed. That's why Joe needs your help. A legion of fans all protecting other fans is the only way to stop this.

There are a few fans who have been really great about warning other fans in the comments of social media posts that the account is a scammer. I have been sending out gift cards, free JB tickets and more to those fans for helping. I hope to do the same for anyone here who can help out.

Let me know what you guys think and how we can work together to protect fans online.

Here's a page with more info you can share around:

Thanks, really, from all of us at Joe Headquarters.

-Scott JBWM

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Re: Fake Joe Accounts on Social Media

Hi, just spent a few minutes reporting and blocking fake Joe accounts on Instagram. Everything helps, I guess.

Just wish it was as easy to buy tickets to see Joe live in the UK as it is to report the fake accounts, see my other post for a rant about this.

Earlier this year, in May, I had a message on Instagram from a Lisa Dodson - apparently, she is Joes agent in California, she was asking for personal telephone details and giving out Joes private Whats App number. Has she no shame!!!, needless to say she got blocked too. I will continue to keep an eye out for the rogue invaders of Instagram and report and block at will.

Re: Fake Joe Accounts on Social Media

Yet another fake Instagram account for Joe pops up, this time JoeBonamassa436, is getting reported and blocked.

Re: Fake Joe Accounts on Social Media

Yep they've been coming out of the woodwork for ages I lost count of the amount that I have reported and blocked.