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It's that time of year again. It doesn't hurt to have several sources for bad weather info. This is my guy if I'm not listening to James Spann in Birmingham. He is in Kentucky but covers many different southern states

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Re: Weather Coverage

Thanks. Yeah I never have found a weather app I am a big fan of. I used to look at NOAA on the computer but the free version of the app had so many bad reviews I opted not to use that.
I have an app from a local news channel and you can put in any area. It also has like a past plus future radar thing. My husband uses it for knowing when its going to start raining and takes the dog out for a walk. He has been impressed at how good the radar is at letting him know.
The main meteorologist, Dan Satterfield also used to work in Alabama I think. I follow his facebook  as do folks down there that have been following him for a long time. and he often is mentioning the potential extreme weather events down in that region

Just a little off topic but I have two different storm chaser friends I met through this forum. Not something I'd want to do but it is interesting to me that others do.