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One last update for the TMS thread….

I accidentally stumbled onto a whole new group of songs by TMS under the name Squeeze House.  They’re mostly covers they’ve put on YouTube.  These remakes are all well done considering the talent of this band.  I bet the original bands/artists would be proud to sit in with the band on their songs.
I looked this stuff up and nothing is on Vinyl or CD, only MP3.  I occasionally buy cds but prefer downloading or just listening to streaming music on my computer.  I’ve got a McIntosh amplifier with Bose 901 speakers and a Yamaha turntable, but it’s just collecting dust.  Guess I just got lazy on this road called life.
Like I said before I plan to see the band again in Fishers in August.

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I've had nearly two months listening to this great band and wonder which songs stand out with my fellow members here.  I've decided their best album is the self-titled second album that has "Where Do We Go."  There are three songs attached to WDWG and all three are incredible and different.  Good stuff.

Their Live Volume 2 is the best live album and their magical redo of Dark Side of the Moon is drop dead bad a$$.

Btw:  Lewis Taylor has released his first "new" song in 15 years.  I listen to him a lot too.

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I've only actually managed to make it through the thumb drive once since I can't "leave-off" on my usual system. That said, I haven't found one track that I'd skip... As I'm typing this, through the lap top I'm on the Nola covers, and they're just romping away on War Pigs - love the keyboard solo.

In a way, they remind me of old Deep Purple in the way each band member fuses their own particular style into a very focused Soul/Rock sound.  Hope they make it back over here before too long...

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Thought I'd add this vid here but it could've been added to the new albums thread.
This is TMS's drummer, Reuben Gingrich's solo jazz album which I find very enjoyable.

Reuben is so,so talented and his band really has that Snarky Puppy vibe