Topic: Hershey Theater, Hershey, PA March 10, 2022

I went last minute to the show last night.
Not too far and my friend was designated driver...then encouraged me to drink up...which I regret in a few ways this morning but i had a great time!
Joe did once again play Pain and Sorrow. This was a huge reason I went, in case he played it again. I don't imagine he will keep it in the setlist next tour so I couldn't let myself not try to get another in. It was a beautiful intro.
I had forgotten that I had seen Dust Bowl in setlists online so it was like a huge surprise for me...I thought oh cool he is playing intro to Dust Bowl! OMG he is playing Dust Bowl!!!!

And he played Midnight Blues!!!

I did scribble some noes...the guy next to me was taking notes too and i was curious what they were so I passed him a note with my email address and was going to explain after the show compare notes...but he walked to front of stage after the show so I couldn't explain...wasn't hitting on I'm wondering if he was a journalist and there might be a comment about the drunk spaz chick next to him. Oh my...I'll grow up soon ...

anyway I will try to come back and add more details later