Topic: Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea VIII, March 13-17, 2023

Welp they have announced next year's, which i plan to use my credit from this year's on.

Same ship, the Norwegian Pearl, out of Miami to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Joe Bonamassa
Little Feat
JoAnne Shaw Taylor
Mike Farris and the Fortunate Few
Quinn Sullivan
Jack Broadbent
and others to be announced

Hoping to get same cabin or nearby
they allow those currently on board to get first chance at booking
then it goes to alumni i think
then to those who took credit for this year (I am also alumni so fingers crossed)
then to public

sign up for updates if you are considering and hope to get cabin of choice

someone mentioned its also same time as 'spring break' which makes hotels and flights to Miami harder

i am glad to have this to look forward to ...fingers crossed