Topic: Stifel Theatre - St. Louis, MO 10/30/21

On my way home from this show I broke my phone, so I won't be able to put up a set list until it is repaired, but it was very similar to the shows preceding and following his St. Louis gig. As for the show itself:

  • I got the seats via an un-cashed litho package from awhile back, and they did not disappoint: Row B, Seats 4-5. (When my phone is done being repaired I'll post the pic I took from my seat before the show.)

  • The lineup has been discussed already, but count me among the folks hoping all is well with Anton. Josh in particular played his rear end off on guitar, and my crush on Jade has not decreased in the two years since I last saw her live... lol

  • The material from Time Clocks totally owns live. Period.

  • Joe opened the show playing a '61 SG Standard with a sideways vibrola, and sounded great on it. There were also a couple of hardtail Strats, the Bludgeon Nocaster (and one of the new copies, too, I think), a solid-body electric 12-string I couldn't identify, what I'm pretty sure was the Norm burst, and an all-black Alvarez Yairi WY1 with Joe's name inlaid in the fretboard.

  • The biggest treat for me was the return of the theremin, which got a workout on a couple of different tunes and sounded amazing.

I saw the show with a dear friend who had never seen Joe before and who knew very little about him. She's a fan now, of course! wink

Here is a pic she took with her iPhone during the closing encore number, Sloe Gin: … ed-public/

Terrance Shuman
Kansas City, MO