Topic: Selling Fender owned and toured by JB - Tele 55 MB Yuriy S.

Hi Mates & JB fans,

I own a JB guitar, that 1 of 15 guitar masterbuilt from Yuriy :

Fender Custom Shop Joe Bonamassa Vintage Collector Series 1955 Relic Telecaster Masterbuilt by Yuriy Shishkov 2-Tone SunbursT

Mine is the former one from JB.

This is the one he demoed on GuitarCenter website and the one he toured with as well.

Have the signature of Yuriy on the certificate where it’s written  “Joe this one is for free”

Have the badges from J&R adventures (JB tour’s company) where the ref of the guitar is shown as well.

Have both mails from Fender and Guitar Center California confirming the background of my guitar.

Well I am thinking to sell it, but only to a JB fan that could give the guitar a bit more time… I am not playing anymore and this kind of Guitar should play regularly.

In case you are interested in, please send me a msg by mail or pm. 

Cheers, Bruno-