Topic: Ernie Ball Music Man Dark Lord Family Reserve

I just had the pleasure of getting my EBMM Dark Lord.

MY does it play nice and fast. I miss JB bringing his out on tour, and did inspire me to branch out and get one.
I have some older Gibsons, so this is the newest guitar, or at least one of the newest ones I own.

I wasn't sure if I'd like it without the tummy cut or forearm route, but I'm a LP guy so it's more natural feeling that I was expecting.

Also, EBMM guitars all play so great. I owned a St. Vincent a few years ago, and the craftsmanship of EBMM guitars is so top notch. The finish, the backs of neck are so smooth, and everything fits and was done just so well. the fretwork is great, and I'm the biggest critic of fretwork.

Just thought I'd share since it's been a few years since I posted last.

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