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I figured out it was available through Directtv! 5.99 for two day 11.99 to buy which i guess means can watch until sometime. Don't know why the site didn't list Directtv but i was watching something and it kept showing commercial for a show on Paramount channel so i did a search for Joe and came up with the pay per view. I did the purchase since I only had a chance to watch part of it and no time in next two days to finish up. But yeah super easy click of button...
Anyway it is enjoyable so far...I still get a bit irritated when they talk about Joe switching bands from Kenny and Eric. I just think there are different ways to say things blahblah.
I also though interesting with the ex gf and it kind of jumped there...took me a minute to figure which album blahblah...and I think at least one of the pics or vids confused me in the timeline of it all. Its also a bit interesting to hear Joe recall...he elaborates more on sessions that seemed a little different based on his comments at the time going on or what not, from my recollection. No big deal just interesting in my own head i guess.

Anyway enjoyable even though had seen much of, it did feel fresh with the commentary I hadnt seen. And yes I agree was good to hear more from Roy. Definitely a lot I never knew or didn't occur to me.

I also thought they song clip choices were great. Loved seeing a good bit of the Miss You Hate You vid big_smile

Looking forward to watching the remainder.

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I finally carved out some time to watch it - I thought it was fantastic.  Much better than I thought it would be.  Almost no discussion of gear, which I liked as I'm not really that into the minutia of gear.  Lots of behind the scenes, and overall a good mix of some live clips, studio clips, random history stuff and interviews.  I particularly liked getting the background on some of the songs, albums and projects he's done. I knew quite a bit about Joe already, but definitely learned a few things.

IMHO it also stands as a solid music documentary, and might be worth checking out even if you're not a fan (though everyone here is).  Anyone interested in how an independent artist carves out a successful career in the modern music business, or in an 'off the radar' genre like blues/rock should check it out.

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Long time no post. We watched Guitar Man last night. I thought it was AWESOME, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really enjoyed listening to Roy and his dad reflecting on the journey and believing in Joe. I remember emailing Roy when I was with the street team way back in 2006 after discovering Joe. Thumbs up to Guitar Man!!

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A welcome distraction in these grim times and a step back into history.  big_smile

Come on the Blades (sorry Idolbone just had to borrow your line)