Topic: Tweed Amp Differences

Hi all- great to be among like-minded people here!

I’ve been thinking recently about going after a tone similar to what Joe gets from his HP Tweed Twins- the issue I’ve run into is one that I think many of us would: I have absolutely zero capacity to run that kind of amp at full power.

So, I thought I would come here to look for suggestions since you all probably know the tone well- I’m thinking about going for a smaller tweed amp- or more likely a Victoria clone of one- but I can’t decide which one. I’m sort of going between A Super 210, a Pro 115, or perhaps a custom build of a Bandmaster in a 212 cabinet. This will be used for home playing and for small shows in clubs. I would like to get a natural overdriven tone and to avoid the sag that some of the smaller amps (eg the deluxe) can be plagued by. Can anyone here think of an amp that would suit the bill? Cheers!