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Even much more respect for Joe after that podcast with Mike Zito last night on Facebook. They talked for about 2 hours and went through his career which was an interesting story, some stuff I didn't know.

Check it out on Mike Zito's Facebook page.

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reo posted link above in the interview thread....looking forward to checking it out
thanks for the report

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Thanks holeshot!

Love it when he says his early singing voice sounded like a moose getting hit by a car. 

lol  lol   lol

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i've listened to a bit of it so far..keep getting distracted then go back to hear what I missed
very enjoyable and interesting thing he was mentioning about how in the 80s drinking age went from 18 to 21 and it really affected the music scene in clubs etc...never had thought of that...and how the Strike a Deep Chord was his first record...on the copy I have he signed for me he wrote 'first album ever'

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finally finished this interview...glad you recommended it reo. i keep losing focus so had to go back and rewind a lot
so much i enjoyed hearing about but it was also intertesting for me, some of the stuff he mentioned was news to me but much I remember him saying way back. Like how BB King taught him how to put songs on his ipod. I think of that everytime I try to use mine...I always think of that. But this interview he gets a chance to say a bit more about the great things about BB.

just random things that struck me...mentioning Bob Mayo. I remember Joe mentioned him on stage the night he died and I read about it or heard a recording...until then I didn't know that part of the Frampton Live song was him saying Bob was always like a misheard lyric to me until I learned about him through Joe.
It was cool to hear more about Joe but I also was reflecting on how much Joe's life is part of my life since being a fan.

but yeah it is a great interview that goes all the way back to Joe first picking up guitar up to present time where he says something...I think he said he wouldn't be surprised if its 36 months before concerts get back to what used to be more normal