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In these strange times it might be a thought for Mr. B to  seriously consider a paid concert on line through YouTube or some other media platform. 

The combinations are endless, the regular band, a power trio of oldies, RCFP, etc.  Understanding that Mr. B and his bands  safety is paramount,  it surely would be possible to maintain their social distancing and perform.  Sanity for all of us, revenue for the band members, and a smile on everyone's face.

This might also be something that they would consider every six (6) months or so in the future as a supplement to, not a replacement for the current tour performance.  I understand the long term financial considerations, but I watched the original Royal Albert Hall performance 5 times on PBS and still bought the DVD...and the CD (before I learned how to rip music from DVD's). 

Just a thought....


I think it is something that a lot  of musical artists must consider.
   There are not alot of options right now

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Recently heard a couple medical folks on TV saying they don't expect any large groups (e.g. concerts, sports) will be permitted for the entire rest of this year!

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Wondered what this was doing on here - didn't put PPV together as pay per view.  In medicine PPV is positive pressure ventilation-something we are hearing too much about these days.

I would love a pay per view


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I'd bet they are considering...things sure have changed fast

we'd asked for similar in the past to be able to see like Royal Albert Hall shows live from afar...or even buy recordings after shows...not something they ever did but now I maybe. I'd be interested (but not at current ticket prices big_smile ) to an extent...fortunately still working but one starts reconsidering all sorts of purchases now because of the unknown. Of course music is an essential for many of us for our health just as is for the artists without their regular means of income.
Until Joe has something, he has encouraged those to support other artists. I haven't done any yet but plan to check out / support some artists live streams that I wouldn't haven't necessarily gone out to see. there is value to me in not having to deal with logistics of going out but i got a lot of value of being present at live performance...blahblah

anyway good ideas DLW...I'm sure they'll let us know as soon as something like that might be available


Not a ‘bad idea. I don’t expect Joe’s Summer tour to happen.

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cool interview reo posted in interview thread...Joe talks some about this topic and more


Lol, I once joked about Joe's hologram in my living room and look at this - might come true: whaaaat - augmented reality channel lol

" ... continuous series of private Augmented Reality channels.  These AR channels will provide exclusive content directly from the artist, ranging from new songs written and possibly captured that same morning, to film footage of live events, providing an intimate view into the songwriting process and more. The StraxAR™ AR channels will have continuous, direct engagement with fans and deliver exclusive content worldwide, opening new gateways of accessibility to millions.

The Foundation will start their livestream series this spring featuring Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Robby Krieger and the Robby Krieger Band.  Other artists slated to perform include blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa and other phenomenal artists as the concert series performances continue throughout the spring and summer..." … 53686.html


is this going to be the new normal - looks and sounds like hell - drive-in concerts