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From my "brother on the other forum":-
If you want some music on Saturday 21st March a number of Artists are streaming live, all doing 15 min sets.

Live and streaming on FB Live for you free of charge from 1640GMT here on the Lockdown page with short sets, in order, we have…
Logan and Manley
Marcus Bonfanti
Katie Bradley & Dave Ferra
Tom Gee
Big Ray & Yoka
Troy Redfern
Crosscut Saw
Lisa Mann
Mike Ross
Kyla Brox & Danny Blomeley
Beaux Gris Gris
Bex Marshall
Elles Bailey
Hooson Maguire Unplugged
Ian Siegal … 854/?ti=as

All those who believe in psychokenesis raise my hand........

Re: Lockdown Fest...

Afraid I don't do facebook or I would take advantage. A great idea for bands that can't tour  big_smile

Come on the Blades (sorry Idolbone just had to borrow your line)