Topic: Defunct Guitar? Intonation Problems causing me not to want to pickup t

Hello All, so my guitar appears to be defunct and I’m kinda pissed/don’t know what to do. A couple months ago I bought an epiphone les Paul standard pro 3. It felt right at the store playing it and I decided I wanted to buy it. I ordered one to my house which I feel may have been my first mistake. Long story short, I immediately knew there was an intonation problem with my g string as no matter how much my tuner said it was in tune, I could tell it was messed up. Playing a simple A chord sounded like throw-up to my ears. I took it to my repair guy for a quick fix and well he made it better, but still noticeable. At this point I continued to just play my acoustic for a few more months until recently I decided to try and get it all better and get the full guitar setup. Well upon it getting worked on, my guy said he tried all he could but the neck is apparently bent backwards (which would cost more to try and fix and said wouldn’t be worth it) and I still hear intonation problems. All in all the guitar doesn’t sound very good, and I like to play with a clean tone so it’s very noticeable that the g string sounds off. Is there anything I can do at this point? Would the neck affect the intonation? Should I try to get it setup by somebody different? Any advice would be great as it’s making me just not even want to play it the electric.